Forex Exchange Rates

The Central Bank of Kenya compiles indicative foreign exchange rates daily for use by the general public. These rates reflect the average buying and selling rates of the major participants in the foreign exchange market at the open of trade every day, thus providing aforex good indicator for any interested party on the value of the shilling on any particular day.

It is noteworthy that the rates provided by the central bank are only indicative and the forex dealers, i.e. commercial banks and forex bureaus, may apply varying rates on their forex transactions. It is expected that competition among the dealers will lead to reasonable/competitive margins being applied to forex transactions with customers.

Forex bureaus are licensed to cater specifically for the retail end of the forex market, i.e. buyers and sellers of small amounts of forex, mainly cash. Bureaus therefore often have favorable rates for this market segment when compared to commercial banks’ cash rates.

The commercial banks are more competitive when dealing with larger amounts of forex that are settled via telegraphic transfers using correspondent accounts abroad and therefore tend provide finer rates for this market segment. Nevertheless, all forex deals are transacted on a willing buyer willing seller basis and are subject to negotiation between the forex dealers and their customers.

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31-08-2016US DOLLAR101.2589101.4589101.3589
31-08-2016STG POUND132.7322133.0356132.8839
31-08-2016SA RAND6.99457.00997.0022
31-08-2016KES / USHS33.166133.330433.2483
31-08-2016KES / TSHS21.506221.647521.5769
31-08-2016KES / RWF7.64847.77227.7103
31-08-2016KES / BIF16.252916.778816.5158
31-08-2016AE DIRHAM27.563927.625927.5949
31-08-2016CAN $77.533677.710577.6221
31-08-2016S FRANC103.1150103.3502103.2326
31-08-2016JPY (100)98.664098.887898.7759
31-08-2016SW KRONER11.869111.896711.8829
31-08-2016NOR KRONER12.151312.182612.1669
31-08-2016DAN KRONER15.173515.205815.1896
31-08-2016IND RUPEE1.50951.51291.5112
31-08-2016HONGKONG DOLLAR13.052713.078513.0656
31-08-2016SINGAPORE DOLLAR74.296674.498074.3973
31-08-2016SAUDI RIYAL26.998827.055027.0269
31-08-2016CHINESE YUAN15.158115.198215.1782
31-08-2016AUSTRALIAN $76.288476.459476.3739

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